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Breathing Apparatus Revalidation Course (2 day)

This course provides those individuals who have already completed a breathing apparatus wearer's course the opportunity to refresh their skills and knowledge when deploying breathing apparatus as part of an emergency response team.

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Course details


Available on request


The academy's own training establishment.

Learning objectives (dependent on the course)

  • Identify when to adopt breathing apparatus.
  • Demonstrate the importance of effective team work.
  • Understand the physical restraints of breathing apparatus


Students should be physically fit and not suffer from any medical conditions (this course can be strenuous). No pre-course notes are required as literature is distributed during the course. All training is conducted in accordance with current Fire Service technical bulletins (1/97).

Programme (dependent on the course)

  • Physiology of respiration (theory presentation)
  • Breathing apparatus set description
  • Breathing apparatus cylinders / durations
  • Breathing apparatus general checks
  • Donning and start-up procedures
  • Doffing procedures
  • The importance of record keeping
  • Technical Bulletin 1/1997 procedures
  • Wearer distress (theory presentation)
  • Entrapped procedures
  • Walk/run/climb exercise (practical exercise)
  • Breathing practical exercise in restricted vision

Additional Notes

The Training Academy staff would be happy to attend your own site to identify how we could adapt our training to reflect your site needs to attend your own site.