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Breathing Apparatus Wearer's Course

This course will suit newly appointed Firefighters. The delegates will experience the practical and theoretical aspects of Breathing Apparatus.

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Course details

Course Aims

To provide the necessary knowledge, understanding and practical skills that
are required to work as part of Breathing Apparatus team, through delivery of a
structured learning program (SLP).

Course Requirements

Due to the physical nature of the course, candidates are required to verify they have
been medically assessed, and deemed fit and able to undertake course activities
prior to attendance. To gain access airside, all students must be in possession of
either a valid passport or photo type driving licence.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course candidates will have the opportunity to:

  • Define the roles and responsibilities of a Breathing Apparatus Wearer
  • Demonstrate the importance of effective team work
  • Understand the physical restraints of Breathing Apparatus
  • Demonstrate the required skills of a Breathing Apparatus wearer when working in heat and smoke
  • Demonstrate and be fully conversant with all aspects of Breathing Apparatus procedures in accordance with TB1/1997

Student Numbers

To ensure an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience, we recommend the
minimum student intake on this course will be 4 and maximum 12. This will ensure
that ATP staff meet the students individual learning requirements and achieve
course objectives.