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OPITO Application of Non Metallic Insulation Training Stage 1 & 2

4 Days £600.00 + VAT

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Course details

The OPITO Application of Non Metallic Insulation Course has been developed by AIS with the help of leading offshore organisations in order to provide a solution to the skills shortage in this industry.

Trainee’s will be shown how to custom fit pre-formed non-metallic insulation products to suit the vagaries of shapes around industrial structures. They will also gain the knowledge to assess appropriate thermal, acoustic, cryogenic, personal protection and passive fireproofing insulation needs in different locations under sometimes extreme conditions.

With an appropriate product, installed in a professional manner, insulators can provide monetary gains which outstrip the initial costs, while contributing positively to health & safety. Installing an effective insulation system can protect equipment and personnel, control noise, reduce energy costs and increase process efficiency.

Our courses begin at 8.00am and finish at 4.30pm daily. Lunch, refreshments, use of all insulation equipment and OPITO registration/certification fee is included in the overall cost of the course.